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Nesting before baby #2

How I “nested” before baby #2

I always say that I’m about halfway neurotic about a handful of things. I’m mostly Type B but can straighten up into Type A when the situation (or my mood) calls for it. I care a lot about certain things and very little for others.  For example, I was never very fussy about school, I...

emmie Jane

Welcoming Emilia Jane + Birth Story

We welcomed our sweet baby girl Emilia Jane into the world on Monday, July 20, 2020. Tyler and I feel indescribably grateful for Emmie and the joy she has brought to our little family already. We are sort of faking it til we make it with this whole two under two deal so far, but...

third trimester update

Third Trimester Update + A Few Things Saving my Life Right Now

Update: I am starting to become REALLY pregnant. I’m 37 weeks and feeling it big time…literally.  In all seriousness, though, Tyler and I are so excited.  We have been having the best days with Charlotte these last few weeks. She is learning so much, is so entertaining, and is getting more and more attached to...

tubby Todd bath review

Bath time with Charlotte

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. And although she hasn’t mentioned this explicitly, I think it’s Charlotte’s favorite too.  Every night after her dinner, we usually play or read a few stories until we decide we are done for the day. Either Tyler or I will say, “Ok it’s bath...

second pregnancy

We are having *another* baby!

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we are having another baby! I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with Nuss baby #2, and we are so thankful.  (I’m just finally getting around to putting up this post that’s been sitting in my Google Docs since I started it months ago). I am due on...